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BeneFlex is fast
     Your flexible compensation program is triggered the day you phone or write BeneFlex.  No extensive lead time needed.  Our systems and procedures have already proven their worth with others.  They need only be adapted to your company's situation.

BeneFlex is flexible
     By definition.  To be effective, our systems have to be adaptable to any program design, and they are.  Time and money are saved by avoiding a "ground zero" approach for each new client.
     Want a reimbursement account for dependent care, vision, hearing or other health expenses?  We'll show you how salary reduction can let employees pay for such expenses with before tax dollars and still have more take-home pay.
     Want to introduce cost control over medical insurance premiums?  Encourage employees to select higher deductible amounts by offering tradeoffs of vacation time, dental plans or life insurance.
     Some employees prefer to start with a simple plan and add more features as they go along.  BeneFlex was designed for this kind of flexibility, too.

BeneFlex is ongoing
     Flexible compensation requires constant monitoring and updating, a built-in service of BeneFlex.  News of pending legislative or regulatory matters is analyzed and communicated.  Appropriate modifications of computer software are suggested and provided.  Perhaps in no other area of business-to-business activity is an ongoing relationship more vital.

BeneFlex interfaces with your equipment
     You want to control the administration of your plan with a minimum of staff time and equipment diversion.  BeneFlex was designed with that in mind.  You can access our computers from your computers own terminals to enter employee data, change option price tags, verify or modify employee elections, even process reimbursement account claims.
     Not adequately computerized as yet? BeneFlex can perform these services for you at reasonable cost.

BeneFlex adjusts to multiple locations
     Whether you administer your employee benefit program from a central location or spread responsibility among many, BeneFlex adapts . . . without upsetting existing procedures.

BeneFlex is cost-effective
     If we couldn't offer more for less - compared with internal development - there would be no market for our services. BeneFlex is the intelligent alternative to a substantial and perhaps unsettling commitment of internal resources better utilized for routine company imperatives.

BeneFlex is unique
     Few if any other sources can deliver services comparable to those of BeneFlex at a competitive price.  Few if any other sources can match our proven track record.  And no other source can draw on our years of experience in supplying BenePlus* employee benefit communications services for over 4,000 clients worldwide.

*A sister company of BeneFlex, BenePlus has long been recognized as the most accomplished and innovative provider of detailed benefit reports and related materials for companies of every size.

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